Work Placement: The Final Frontier

27 08 2007

Last Thursday was my official last day at the small company within a big company (SCBC). It felt good, because everything has been tied off into a neat little report made for the benefit and guidance of the SCBC, which I’m not sure they’ll look at but that is none of my concern any more.

However, it is not over. As part of my contract (although it is stated that I am not an employee of either Shell Step or the SCBC) I have to write a report detailing my experience, provide a ‘skills tracker log’ which I have been filling in for the last nine weeks, and give a presentation in a weeks time about my experiences. It is all a big competition, which I have no chance of winning. I have no outcomes, (if anything I have cost the company a considerable amount of money) and the only things I have gained are insular, personal things that are of no use to anyone else. This is a slightly pessimistic way of looking at things, and I am grateful for the money, but I do not agree with a CEO whose work ethic is “Everyone wastes time, so I’m going to cut down on your workload to compensate for this” when I do not waste time (I am a workaholic) because I have so little of it.

I’m still reeling with disappointment, but one thing has come out of this: when I run a business, it will not be like this.




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