Shell Step: Preparation

2 09 2007

Scotland was amazing, have only just got back with the family. It was lovely. A lot of lovely things have happened lately, like I went out for a meal with a couple of the Home Girls last night and we ended up talking about our futures and where we expect ourselves to be in the future. Exciting but daunting stuff!

Anyway, whilst I was in Scotland I had to prepare and send my Shell Step presentation about my work placement, and I really tried my hardest to make my placement sound exciting, while at the same time get across the fact that we had been badly managed from day one. It was difficult. Now I am rehearsing it for the finals on Tuesday. I have no hope of winning, but I am going to try anyway as that’s all I can do. It would be cool just to get presentation feedback, and see if I have improved on last time.

Anyway the sun is shining and I should be out there. That is the plan for today: rehearse, go outside, await friends arrival, chill, rehearse, go to bed. Perfect Sunday behaviour.




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