The Guilt Chronicles Part One: Charity vs. Greed

23 09 2007

Typical Sunday, flicking through the magazine that comes with the Sunday Times newspaper when I come across this amazing article about the women of Darfur and their ordeal at the hands of the Janjaweed bandits. It’s horrific. But not as horrific as what was on the following page: an advertisement persuading the reader to buy £100 worth of wine. Charity vs. Greed, the Grudge Match. Whoever has £100 to spend on 12 bottles of wine is obviously someone who has more money than sense, and there are a lot of people who could really use that money to good avail.

But then I’m just as bad, I don’t give because it seems a bit pointless seeing as I’m living off borrowed money anyway. It’s the guilt kicking in again. I can’t go and physically help for fear of being kidnapped, because believe me that fear is very very real. The first year of Egypt it felt like we were in danger (although I am highly paranoid), and needed an armed escort everywhere we went. But that’s another story. So the only other option is to give my money. But then I feel bad because it seems like I’m just another one of those people who thinks they can solve problems by opening their cheque books. There are too many of those people in this world already, but then without them there would not be the quantity of aid available.

It seems the dilemmas are never ending. I suppose that’s where personal choice and convenience kicks in.




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