Fresher’s Week

30 09 2007

It has been a good week so far. I have spent most of it doing social things such as hanging out with my wicked new housemates Helen and Adam, and the people who used to live in the house too. I have been drinking almost every night so am subsequently knackered but happy, it’s wicked to be in such a happy social house.

My parents were here this weekend, and to be honest I am very glad they chose this year to visit because it’s the best house by far and I’ve got the biggest room which is fantastic. We went out for an Indian last night and a few drinks and it was great hearing all about their experiences at uni! Well my Mum’s anyway my Dad never went to uni haha. I do really miss my family, it’s only when you move away do you realise how much.

Dan was here as well this weekend, and when I spent Saturday with my family he went to see his family and the new baby. I wish I could’ve spent more time with him but unfortunately he isn’t a student bum and has to work tomorrow. Sad face. He did, however, take me to this amazing restaurant called Miyango for my birthday on Friday. His friend manages it and he got us an amazing booth and a fantastic bottle of wine. The meal was fantastic, and we shared red snapper and scallops for starters, then I had a main course of tea smoked paneer and he had tuna steak. It was absolutely amazing. But the dessert was the best part. Dan had asked them to make me 5 little desserts (creme brulee, chocolate souffle, a kind of vanilla set mousse, and two others I can’t remember haha) with ‘Happy Birthday’ written above them in raspberry coulis. It was the best birthday cake I have ever had, mainly because it wasn’t a cake. I have never had anyone be so thoughtful and considerate like this before.

Currently I am gearing up for next week, first lecture tomorrow and I really have to buckle down this year. But I also have boxing on Tuesday I am really looking forward to, especially because Martin will kick my unfit arse into shape! And in a really geeky way, I am looking forward to visiting the library and seeing if there are any new books and periodicals. Ah my inner super geek will reign this year.




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