8 10 2007

So we almost have all of our briefs now, and some of them are difficult. Well, it is our third year. For one module we can choose from several briefs on the RSA website. I am torn between two – sustainable packaging and domestic greenclean. They both deal with issues I am familiar with and care about, yet sustainable packaging is probably easier to do in the time available as there is so much scope within it. The ‘domestic greenclean’ project is more complex and my initial ideas involve a lot of architecture and external additions to buildings, which may not be so easy to execute in the time available. I’m going to think about it now.

For the research project there are really no limitations except it has to be within the field of design and design management, which spans business, marketing, graphic design and design in general. That’s why it is so difficult. I am considering adapting one of the RSA briefs to go with, not passing it off as my own idea but going through the research thoroughly and reaching an outcome that may not be covered by the requirements of the brief.

I was quite disappointed with my marks for last year, as apparently my designs lacked ‘finesse’, which was a disappointing outcome. But I suppose that’s what you get for not being supervised by the tutors all the time. I would rather be wrong than be spoon fed. It was very surprising that I got the highest mark for the business plan, when I thought I would get the lowest. It was probably because I did wicked packaging for it (I will upload photos another time) and that boosted my marks. I just have to make sure this year I knuckle down (even harder than last year) and get it right. Or as near to right as possible, while staying on target with the brief.




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