Buried Treasure

20 10 2007

There are so many skips in this area, I am going to go forage later. We need firewood for the party and also the stuff people put in skips is just astonishing. My friend’s Mum found a huge vintage pristine mirror in a skip. I am hoping for something good but doubt it will be that good.


I Have My Question!

20 10 2007

Brillaint news: I have my dissertation question. After talking to Fynes about it today it has suddenly taken shape out of the chaos.

The Links Between Innovation and Jewellery

It doesn’t sound like much, but it will cover such topics as:

  • Why doesn’t the jewellery industry move as fast as the fashion industry?
  • Why isn’t high street jewellery more innovative?
  • The differences between innovation in costume and fine/precious jewellery,
  • How does the use of valuable gems influence innovation?
  • How does the use of found objects influence innovation?
  • Does innovation affect the quality of the jewellery?
  • Does innovation vary from the high street to boutiques to bespoke jewellery?
  • Does the price band affect innovation and vice versa?
  • Why isn’t there more marketing focus on high street jewellery?
  • How does the jewellery shop environment support and market innovation and products?
  • How have ethical considerations affected innovation?
  • I am really excited, it should be a good topic. Now all I have to do is write the proposal in a way that sounds exciting. It’s fantastic because I feel like I’m writing on a new area rather than rehashing known facts.