My Camera is (sort of) Broken

25 10 2007

The camera that has been with me through everything, through being attacked by stupid girls in the street to every night out I’ve ever been to, to every day when I see something inspiring, has broken. It’s rubbish.

It’s fine in video mode, voice record mode and best shot photograph mode, but if I turn the dial to auto picture or manual exposure mode it will show me the live picture on the screen for two seconds, and then it’ll turn to black. The annoying thing is it’s nothing wrong with the shutter because it will still take photos and even let me look at them afterwards. I am overdramatizing really, as I could use the viewfinder, but I am worried it is on the way out. I suppose it’s good practise for when I get my lomography camera. However, this is the time when I definitely cannot afford another digital camera. But I definitely cannot live without one. Dilemma (sad face)




One response

14 07 2008

i had a similar problem. well not really, but my camera broke but it was to do with the command dial for everything manual on there it broke so i rang up fuji film because i wasnt happy that my £400 camera just broke and they said it would cost £100 to fix so i hung up and began researching my camera’s problem and it turned out alot of people had had the same problem so i rang fuji back up to complain that the camera has an obvious fault and that i wanted to make a formal complant. anyways they said they would fix it for free even though it was 2 – 3 years out of warrenty.

i have two pieces of advice which might work…

1. when you;re in one of the modes which works go onto the menu and click restore factory setting…… that’s worked for me when some of my button have strangely stopped working.

2. see if other people are having similar problems on the net with the same model or series. Then try and find as many cases as you can then try my approach and ring up saying you want to make a complaint.

i see this is an old blog it came up as related under my blog
hope you can figure it out

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