The Slasher Party

5 11 2007

We had the big party for Adam’s birthday/Halloween/Bonfire night this weekend just gone, and it was amazing. Although it wasn’t really for bonfire night because we couldn’t be bothered to burn things in the end. Too much hassle! But we did have sparklers.

We totally decked out the house in halloween decorations, including about 10 pumpkins and a million cobwebs. We had ghosts hanging from the ceiling, lots of skeletons and big sausage shaped balloons hanging down like funhouse! It was fantastic, everyone got really into their costumes and made an effort. The house wasn’t too trashed either, was just a lot of cans and bottles etc. which need to be recycled, ad vacuuming from all the confetti! It was wicked though, all people we knew no annoying randoms or anything. Fantastic.

Below are a selection of my photos from the night:

Some of the boysThe birthday boySome of the girlsSome more of the girlsSparkler fun




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