Dissertation Primary Research

21 11 2007

This weekend I have been mostly spending time with Dan because he had a couple of days off, and he kindly agreed to accompany me to some exhibitions in London so we could get some culture and primary resarch at the same time. It was good, and shows just what you can do without spending any money.

First up was the Crafts exhibition

at the V&A. It was amazing, and we had a good discussion about what we thought ornament was, and how the pieces challenged our views. I also got obsessed by these glass blocks with clouds in, as the reflections they gave were beautiful. Dan had wandered around all of the rest of the exhibition then came back and I was still there playing with the light and giggling every so often. Perfectly normal behaviour. This was also the first place in a couple of months I was told I couldn’t take pictures. Was on a roll of not being caught but now it’s been broken. Oh well!

The second exhibition was at the National Theatre in London, and it was entitled ‘Dazzle London’‘. It was good, small but they put a lot in the space. It was good to see some award winning designers and collect a lot of first hand imagery of innovation in the jewellery industry. However, there was information on the materials used but not the techniques so it will be difficult to compare these pieces in terms of technical innovation. It was also very quiet, and they caught me with my camera because it makes a noise when it auto-focuses. The second place in two days. Grrr. But the pieces I loved I took photos of when they weren’t looking. My justification: they’ll be on the designers websites anyway. Haha.

Currently I am working on the Sloane sustainable materials report which is due in on Friday. This is my priority but my head will explode if I do it all in one go so I’m breaking it up with technical drawing of sustainable packaging for the RSA project. This is going much much better now I’ve actually got the hang of isometric drawing, but the lines and curves are too wobbly in my hand drawn drawings, so I’m going to redo them in illustrator and wrap the logo etc in photoshop. Hopefully all this will take place this coming week, as well as preparing my packaging designs in Rhino 3D. That’s the theory anyway. Back to work I go.




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25 05 2010
Lovedazzle.com blog


Tony here I organise the Dazzle NT exhibition. Glad you liked it and sorry you got admonished for taking photos. Frankly I do not object but the jewellers who work on the exhibition, are very sensitive about people stealing the designs. Bit silly, if you ask me.
You may be interested in our blog – hope so

We are planning a referral to other blogs and when we get it together we would like to include yours. It is VERY entertaining.

Good luck

Tony Gordon

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