Rant (at self) Warning

24 11 2007

It’s been a bit of an odd few weeks, as we got our feedback back for the research project proposal, and while I was happy with my mark I feel I could have done better. Made a stupid mistake which probably cost me a few marks but oh well, we live and learn. The next step of that project is the literature review due in in three weeks. Have sort of started that with visits to exhibitions and things, and getting lots of books out. But I have no time to read them because of all the work for other modules!

This is a tiny bit of a rant post (mainly at myself) because I got the wrong end of the stick with regards to the materials portfolio and now have to practically start again which is rubbish. I also got marked down for not doing presentation on my draft essay, which I can sort of understand but then I did have my own reasons for not doing it. I just have to hope that I can learn from my mistakes and do a lot better when it actually comes to it. And I will sign up for Richard’s tutorials dammit!

In other news packaging project running smoothly have done all vectors and am now going to start photoshop this weekend. Have workplace future presentations on Monday which are worth 25% of our final mark!! And I don’t even know what I’m going to prattle on about for 10 minutes! The horror of the SCBC I bet. *shudder*




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