How things are going so far…..

9 12 2007

It’s been a bit hectic these past couple of weeks, and since it is Sunday it’s time to shift down a gear work wise, but not completely stop obviously. The past couple of weeks have been spent sitting at the desk or in the library just solidly getting through the workload. RSA is going well and I am especially proud of this project because I have never done technical drawing, packaging design or 3D modelling in my life so to do a whole project centred around it is a personal achievement. Obviously, if I do not get a good mark it will be a disappointment but we shall see how it goes.

We have been given really tight deadlines concerning the literature review for the dissertation module, and it is due in next Friday along with the RSA project. It is difficult because of the level of analytical criticism that is needed, but it is coming along well, and that will be the focus of today.

Yesterday was a little frustrating because I spent a long time making nets for RSA packaging before working out that it simply could not be done economically. But this was a blessing in disguise because it lead me to think further about the application of the packaging, and formulate something that was not simply disposable after one use. I also concentrated on ‘closing the loop’, and feel that a design has been formulated that fulfills this section of the brief. However, I have a tutorial with Chipps tomorrow and he may feel differently…..




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