It’s official

30 01 2008

I love being upside down. It’s my fourth week of pole dancing and today it just clicked, and everything got so much easier and a lot less daunting. It really helped that there was only two of us in the beginners group so I got loads more practice time than I would have normally, but the bad news is the friction burns on my wrist are beginning to sting! Time to get the surgical spirit out and toughen myself up.

In other news, I have been taken on by Bulb!! How exciting! It’s for work experience alongside my degree but it’s going to be so wicked, it’s such an honour to have be a part of the team. They’ve got an exhibition on Thursday that requires an extra pair of hands, which is where I come in with my handy craft knife. Excited!

There is so much work to do at the moment though, I recently contacted a lot of people at the Jewellery Innovation Centre in Birmingham, expecting replies in a couple of weeks or so due to busy schedules, and they all got back to me the next day! Amazing but at the same time a bit premature because I haven’t formulated my questionnaire yet! Can’t win haha. Workplace futures presentation (worth 40% of one module) is a week on Monday, which is very daunting. Am very nervous it will go wrong, but to be honest it just needs thinking through thoroughly, and I’ve only covered about a quarter of what I need to cover so far. Competition project is going very well, loving the feminine hygiene product market! It’s something so different because of the subject matter and the taboo associated with it. I’m still in the initial research stages but I am building rich picture profiles of each of my age groups and then I will start to design the appropriate packaging. It’s really exciting, and I may even enter if it’s deemed good enough. But then we shall have to wait and see.

I’m off to bed, getting up this morning was devilishly hard.


Week 17

23 01 2008

This week is still about organisational theory, but the project is progressing well. The business type and style has been chosen, along with their working style and possible branding. The formative presentation is on Monday, and it’s only five minutes but those five minutes are crucial to gaining feedback to put towards the final presentation. The final is worth 40% of one module. A scary amount on something so small.

The D&AD brief has recently been started. The chosen brief is top of the page, Sanpros sponsored by *burst. It was the most attention grabbing although the design I was going to do has already been done although it is only available in Australia. It’s a good and bad thing, good because somebody has already tackled this problem and bad because now another idea has to be thought up! That’s not true, the challenge is relished.

We are off to poledancing tonight which is very exciting. Would absolutely love to do it twice a week but Sam doesn’t have the time. I may start to go by myself though simply because it is so much fun, and something to train for. In other news, Caz and I have been getting to the gym for 9am every day this week and it really helps with the work focus. The obsession with exercise is ongoing it seems.

I have a meeting on Friday with the Bulb people to maybe do some design work on top of my degree. It’s a little bit daunting because I don’t have much faith in my skills. As I said to the poledancing tutor, it’s my own grip I don’t trust.

The joys of workplace organisational theory

23 01 2008

Today I have been mostly sticking research into my sketchbook to show Brian on Friday (he demands an update every friday which is fair enough) and reading about workplace organisational theory. It’s a bit hard going but easy to see how it can be applied to our project (designing an effective work environment). Am going to buy revision cards tomorrow to write all these on so I remember them! My brain learns words by repetition unfortunately. Damn the people with photographic memories.

Favourite theories so far:

McGregor’s X and Y theory – because most likely everyone has gone quietly mad in an environment based on the X assumption before, and a Y assumption sounds wonderful but desperately unachievable. Herzberg and hygiene theory is also lovely, but in all honesty merely reading and learning about all this is enlightening to say the least. However, it has highlighted quite a few management techniques that are instantly recognizable because they were used on me. I wonder, were they doing it intentionally?

Digital Portfolio Amazingness

18 01 2008

It’s been an alright day today, accidentally spent three hours in the gym after Martin, my boxing buddy, turned up an hour and a half late and persuaded me to stay to do boxing which almost killed me! But of course it also meant that work didn’t get started till much later than intended, hence why I am still awake at 1am with a 9am start tomorrow.

However, one good thing has come out of today, I have built my digital portfolio showcasing all my beautiful work from a level onwards. The upload process is slow going though, so it will be added to constantly. Have been applying for jobs like crazy today too, as haven’t heard anything back yet, not even from any agencies. It is rubbish. Oh well, got to persevere.

Now is CV tweaking time for tomorrow, where I will apply for yet another job in the vain hope of securing something in central London. Fingers crossed.

Touch wood…

14 01 2008

The nightmares have stopped for two days. Fingers crossed.


14 01 2008

The report is finally finished, after 12 weeks of work. It is probably about a B/C piece of work, based on what I’ve been getting so far. I have got a B for both reports but obviously don’t want to be too cocky. It was a cool piece though, because instead of buying cardboard I used the old scraps left under the stairs from when housemates ordered things from the internet.

The only slight annoyance was the transparency of the text box. It looked a lot more opaque on my screen, but when printed it was really translucent, and the text was harder to read. However, didn’t notice this till after it had been bound. That’s what you get for doing an all nighter.

Sloane report closed

Sloane report open

CLose up of contents, using recycled cardboard

Week 16

14 01 2008

This week I am mostly reading about innovation theory, office design, organizational theory and Jewellery Trade body reports.

Happy birthday Mum. Love.