Happy New Year

3 01 2008

So, after a much needed long period away from the computer, the blogging begins anew with the help of a new wireless keyboard and mouse, courtesy of my cousin. He works in IT so gets them for freeeeeee. Fantastic.

This break has been good, but obviously now the guilt is starting in the form of worrying about whether I’ve done enough work, or applied for enough jobs. I haven’t actually applied for any so far, and am slightly dreading it. It looks as if I’ll have to go the agency route, and do some more internet research. Oh well.

It doesn’t feel like we’ve just had christmas and new year at all. It has been good though, with the wife meal and then going to Scotland for family things, then going to two parties on NYE. Had a great time at both of them, although Hayley’s temporary cardboard carpet and Christine’s pass the parcel were some of the highlights hehe. Which leads me neatly onto my next topic:

New Year’s Resolutions

  • Push myself harder – in every respect such as at the gym, when looking for work, when taking on projects. I have to learn everything, and the only way to achieve this is to push harder.
  • Drink a lot less – I always absolutely loathe myself when I drink, and the way my mind escapes is starting to get a bit frightening.
  • Conquer the FEAR – it seems that a lot of people, including myself, run on nervous energy and fear of getting something wrong. I need to get over this, the world is a scary place but there is a point when you have to face your fear. This fear also applies to parkour and climbing.
  • 2007 was not a good year overall (apart from my family, Dan, down south friends and uni friends from September onwards), it was a nightmare of fights, idiots, stress, and unreasonable people. Not this year.




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