Job hunting, setting books free and strange strange dreams…

7 01 2008

Keep meaning to blog and then not doing it, so I am propping my eyelids open in order to provide an update.

It has been an eventful couple of weeks, with Christmas and things, and I have applied for lots of agencies and jobs and things. Not expecting to hear anything back, but it pays to be optimistic. Found something would love to do, assistant design manager, however the pay band is probably far too high for me really. It’s £30-35k so it sounds like they want someone who is much mroe experienced than me. But it’s alright, just going to keep applying and keep pestering people.

This is not the first time when I’ve thought my dreams are different to other peoples. I’d like to have a full time job that’s not too highly paid but duly satisfying, but then in my spare time do pro bono design work for charities. One thing I would love to change about the world is the charity shop environment. No one uses them because it is not a good experience, and people are afraid of the implications of shopping there, even if it is for a very good cause. However, there is the issue of charity shops actually being able to afford to implement the changes, but then if there were a lot of recycled materials used it may not be so expensive, especially if volunteers helped install it. That may be my upcoming project, we shall have to see.

The new housemate Sam is very uplifting too, we share a lot of the same values and thoughts, such as charity work and volunteering and things, and simply be speaking to her I realise I have a lot more time than previously thought, and it could so easily be put to good use. I really want to volunteer, because as she put it “Giving money is all very well but people should give more of their time, because time is money.”

Another big deadline on Friday, the Sloane project. I’ve done a bit but am sort of waiting for the tutorials tomorrow so it’s actually clear what we have to do. Ambiguity is a key word on our course.

Have found a lot of very cool charity and recycling related sites recently, such as Freecycle and Bookcrossing, and I would really like to start doing more of the Guerrilla Design in the community. But of course, due to Fear of anyone who may get me in trouble reading this, I would never even consider the idea, much less put it into practise 😉

My dreams are starting to get very frightening, mainly because my sleep cycles have changed so I wake up in the middle of them. Children feature frequently. When with my family in Scotland, I dreamt that I was carrying my boyfriend’s son but hid it from him until the child was born, and I cut the umbilical cord with a kitchen knife before wrapping him in kitchen towel and telling my boyfriend on the phone he was a father. I don’t even want to know what it means. Another one this morning was absolutely horrible, and I cannot get it out of my head. Hopefully the immense amounts of alcohol I will no doubt drink this term will get it out of my memory. There was a newborn child, not mine, that was crying and crying but all veined and turning blue. There happened to be a surgeon who performed an exploratory surgery to try and save the child, but when he performed the incision there were no internal organs, only a huge moth. This moth had grown inside the child until it completely filled it, and when the surgeon removed it I looked inside the cut and the baby was completely empty but still crying. Then it took one huge breath, stopped crying and died. It was horrible. One of the worst nightmares, am keeping fingers crossed I’ll get so tired I won’t even dream any more. Hopefully.




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