New obsession: Poledancing

8 01 2008

Hell yes.

Shiny new Sam goes poledancing every week, and took me along last night! It was the most fun I have had doing dance in ages. It’s my version of parkour really, except I don’t have to run at walls and worry about smacking my face on them which is often a bonus. Learnt so many new things, and it’s a totally different feeling to anything I’ve ever done before. I fell on my arse so many times but the atmosphere and all the people are so brilliant, they just laugh with you and it’s all wickedly social. There’s no pressure, no stress, no worry. It’s such a far cry from regular dancing where you often feel like your whole life depends on getting this dance/spin right, and if you mess it up….. it doesn’t bear thinking about. Although regular dancing doesn’t start again till February, which is rubbish because I do miss it. But it’s not as fun as poledancing. Not by a long shot.

It was so funny though, was doing the upside down stuff and the instructor said “just jump up and wrap your legs around it”, and I didn’t have to! I just put my foot on where I wanted to go and she almost bust a gut laughing! “Jump don’t cheat! Just coz you can put your foot up there doesn’t mean you should!” hahahahhaha. Fantastic.

Thanks Sam!




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