Digital Portfolio Amazingness

18 01 2008

It’s been an alright day today, accidentally spent three hours in the gym after Martin, my boxing buddy, turned up an hour and a half late and persuaded me to stay to do boxing which almost killed me! But of course it also meant that work didn’t get started till much later than intended, hence why I am still awake at 1am with a 9am start tomorrow.

However, one good thing has come out of today, I have built my digital portfolio showcasing all my beautiful work from a level onwards. The upload process is slow going though, so it will be added to constantly. Have been applying for jobs like crazy today too, as haven’t heard anything back yet, not even from any agencies. It is rubbish. Oh well, got to persevere.

Now is CV tweaking time for tomorrow, where I will apply for yet another job in the vain hope of securing something in central London. Fingers crossed.




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