The joys of workplace organisational theory

23 01 2008

Today I have been mostly sticking research into my sketchbook to show Brian on Friday (he demands an update every friday which is fair enough) and reading about workplace organisational theory. It’s a bit hard going but easy to see how it can be applied to our project (designing an effective work environment). Am going to buy revision cards tomorrow to write all these on so I remember them! My brain learns words by repetition unfortunately. Damn the people with photographic memories.

Favourite theories so far:

McGregor’s X and Y theory – because most likely everyone has gone quietly mad in an environment based on the X assumption before, and a Y assumption sounds wonderful but desperately unachievable. Herzberg and hygiene theory is also lovely, but in all honesty merely reading and learning about all this is enlightening to say the least. However, it has highlighted quite a few management techniques that are instantly recognizable because they were used on me. I wonder, were they doing it intentionally?




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