Week 17

23 01 2008

This week is still about organisational theory, but the project is progressing well. The business type and style has been chosen, along with their working style and possible branding. The formative presentation is on Monday, and it’s only five minutes but those five minutes are crucial to gaining feedback to put towards the final presentation. The final is worth 40% of one module. A scary amount on something so small.

The D&AD brief has recently been started. The chosen brief is top of the page, Sanpros sponsored by *burst. It was the most attention grabbing although the design I was going to do has already been done although it is only available in Australia. It’s a good and bad thing, good because somebody has already tackled this problem and bad because now another idea has to be thought up! That’s not true, the challenge is relished.

We are off to poledancing tonight which is very exciting. Would absolutely love to do it twice a week but Sam doesn’t have the time. I may start to go by myself though simply because it is so much fun, and something to train for. In other news, Caz and I have been getting to the gym for 9am every day this week and it really helps with the work focus. The obsession with exercise is ongoing it seems.

I have a meeting on Friday with the Bulb people to maybe do some design work on top of my degree. It’s a little bit daunting because I don’t have much faith in my skills. As I said to the poledancing tutor, it’s my own grip I don’t trust.




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