It’s official

30 01 2008

I love being upside down. It’s my fourth week of pole dancing and today it just clicked, and everything got so much easier and a lot less daunting. It really helped that there was only two of us in the beginners group so I got loads more practice time than I would have normally, but the bad news is the friction burns on my wrist are beginning to sting! Time to get the surgical spirit out and toughen myself up.

In other news, I have been taken on by Bulb!! How exciting! It’s for work experience alongside my degree but it’s going to be so wicked, it’s such an honour to have be a part of the team. They’ve got an exhibition on Thursday that requires an extra pair of hands, which is where I come in with my handy craft knife. Excited!

There is so much work to do at the moment though, I recently contacted a lot of people at the Jewellery Innovation Centre in Birmingham, expecting replies in a couple of weeks or so due to busy schedules, and they all got back to me the next day! Amazing but at the same time a bit premature because I haven’t formulated my questionnaire yet! Can’t win haha. Workplace futures presentation (worth 40% of one module) is a week on Monday, which is very daunting. Am very nervous it will go wrong, but to be honest it just needs thinking through thoroughly, and I’ve only covered about a quarter of what I need to cover so far. Competition project is going very well, loving the feminine hygiene product market! It’s something so different because of the subject matter and the taboo associated with it. I’m still in the initial research stages but I am building rich picture profiles of each of my age groups and then I will start to design the appropriate packaging. It’s really exciting, and I may even enter if it’s deemed good enough. But then we shall have to wait and see.

I’m off to bed, getting up this morning was devilishly hard.




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