Work experience goodnesssssssssssss

7 02 2008

Amazing. I now potentially work for three design companies, assisting in the launch of two and hopefully being taken on by a third. It’s amazing what you get when you offer your services for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Now all I have to do is invent a time machine so I can do all of this and my degree at the same time. It’ll be alright, I’m hardcore.

In other news, I am putting off the visualisation of the office design because it’s so insanely intensive. Although I have started my own sketchbook again but finding the time to actually draw in it is proving difficult. But keep finding things to stick in it, and I will scan the whole thing in for the digital portfolio when it’s more populated. Oh, and Dan’s coming this weekend which is wicked, we’re going to go out walking and things, playing with digital cameras as we go. Could really do with the time machine.

Argh am so excited about starting all these jobs, and looking forward to the Wilmot Dixon interview. The theory is that I can always turn it down if it is not what I want to do. Just really hoping I don’t get sucked under or burn myself out offering all this work experience. But only time will tell.




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