14 02 2008

How could I forget to say this: We are getting our own pole! Sam and I have split it so it’s £82.50p each and it keeps it’s resale value really well, all second hand poles go for about £150 is not more. This is brilliant, get a little knot of excitement every time I think about it. But geekiness prevails, the ‘poledancing’ playlist has been set up on Itunes and no doubt I will scour for inspiration 😉 Excitement!


Week 20

14 02 2008

Tiny break from work. Today is focusing on periods and how women’s sanitary product habits can be broken down into categories which will gretaly influence the outcome of my final design and campaign. D&AD onyl ask for the rebranding and packaging btu the conclusion is emerging that in order for it to be successful it needs to have a campaign backing it up or it will fade into obscurity like Happy Shopper. There’s no link behind that comparison, I just haven’t thought about Happy Shopper in a while.

I am now working for Bulb and Bulbroots on a Wednesday afternoon but also during the week in my-own-time-whenever-I-feel-like-it styleeeeee. It will be a lot of fun and very rewarding, and I am getting over the Fear slowly. Currently just been given project where will manage extension of Geotag project and document Leicester’s changes every month for a year I think. Means will have to keep coming back to Leicester or stay here for the duration of the project but who knows, that may become a viable option a bit later on. Still feel a bit nomadic in terms of housing and things, but that’s probably best because staying in one place too long could become stagnant.

The wakupmakeup people are currently away so their projects are on hold. Not sure I fully understand what they want me to do, another meeting and chat is needed. The creativtypes people who I met on Monday haven’t got back to me yet about whether they want me to work or not. I will chase them next Tuesday, as over week is enough time to warrant a prompting. I also am a little nervous about the Willmott Dixon interview on Tuesday because it’s such a daunting thing to have a whole day interview process. I will conquer the Fear, it will not beat me. But on the bright side I get to see my family and my Grandma who I haven’t seen in ages. That’s more than enough incentive to go for it.

So the business sets in, but to be honest it is paying off because:

  • 76% for CAD
  • 74% for RSA project (Gillette razors)
  • 72% for Sloane project
  • Shocking, but makes me feel warm inside. 2:1 here I come.