Week 22

25 02 2008

We were given the one week project on Friday, and it turned out to be this. I’ve gone for the Nivea young range because I’ve already done all the research for my other project. It’s going well, today I am working on my initial board, am hoping to have it all laid out and done by the end of today.

The deliverables are three A2 boards, one initial ideas, one development of ideas and one of finals in context and justification. Wooohaaaa.

In other news, I have been taken on for Easter work placement with Creativtypes! Woooohoooo! It’s going to be wicked, am going to work there Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fri and then work for Bulb Wednesday. It’s all going rather smoothly.

Last night was a bit of a disaster, Sam and I were supposed to get the bus home but I ended up getting on it on my own. This was because she had been told the wrong bus terminal and then missed the bus completely. Disaster. Luckily she is home now but has to go back to London anyway! Confusion.

Dan and I made amazing venison stew this weekend. It was fantastic. We threw everything in, sausages, venison, bacon, an absolute ton of root vegetables and beef stock. It was so good Dan kept joking I was going to leave him for Stew (yes, we named it then ate it).

Also, the pettiness is getting worse. I thought we’d left that behind in secondary school but apparently not. “You just don’t get it” I haven’t been told that in a long time.