Work experience goodnesssssssssssss

7 02 2008

Amazing. I now potentially work for three design companies, assisting in the launch of two and hopefully being taken on by a third. It’s amazing what you get when you offer your services for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Now all I have to do is invent a time machine so I can do all of this and my degree at the same time. It’ll be alright, I’m hardcore.

In other news, I am putting off the visualisation of the office design because it’s so insanely intensive. Although I have started my own sketchbook again but finding the time to actually draw in it is proving difficult. But keep finding things to stick in it, and I will scan the whole thing in for the digital portfolio when it’s more populated. Oh, and Dan’s coming this weekend which is wicked, we’re going to go out walking and things, playing with digital cameras as we go. Could really do with the time machine.

Argh am so excited about starting all these jobs, and looking forward to the Wilmot Dixon interview. The theory is that I can always turn it down if it is not what I want to do. Just really hoping I don’t get sucked under or burn myself out offering all this work experience. But only time will tell.


Week 18

4 02 2008

I have been very aware that the last few posts have been nothing but me ranting on about how wonderful my life is. So in an attempt not to turn into one of those arrogant twats that I hate so much, here is a concisely bullet pointed list of everything that has happened so far, in no particular order of importance:

  • The children’s exhibition went so well, spent the whole day there volunteering and it was wicked, with such a good turnout and amazing short film. It was wicked to see what Sam actually does as well! The film was wonderful, and the photos were so beautiful. Check out Bulbroots for a whole run down and the panoramic shots. The kids took them and Dan photoshopped them, and they came out beautifully.
  • The friction burn on my wrist is still there from last week,
  • I have not only been taken on by Bulb, I have offers from two other design companies for work experience, one of which I am meeting tomorrow,
  • Trying to get on Willmott Dixon’s fast track one year training program for design managers, it looks fun to play with buildings,
  • Absolutely click with Sam, we have long discussions about relevant issues which is fantastic. (or should it be “Fascinating!”) Haven’t had someone on my wavelength for quite a while,
  • Looking forward to starting with Bulb properly a week on Wednesday, it’s going to be immense and so so much fun,
  • Think am starting to get caffeine addiction headaches again, which is rubbish. But love coffee far too much to give it up even for a day. That’s a bad sign.
  • Office design is coming on well, have just finished floor plan and start on detailed imagery tomorrow,
  • Menstruation project is coming on very well, have got to write questionnaire questions to send out to assess people’s attitudes to periods and the like,
  • Dissertation also coming along but am having trouble deciding on final questions to send to the JIIC people, mainly because I have so many and don’t want them to get bored!
  • Oh, also met a guy called Dan who works for Pedestrian and went to all the same Sykefield parties as me last year! Random!
  • It’s a wonderful year. (said in a non arrogant way)
  • Goodnight.