Lovely weekend

31 03 2008

Last week was a bit of a killer all in all, with the amount fo working and things. But the weekend made up for it. Oh yes it did. Friday was a lovely impromptu drinks session with Seani and people, because I was having trouble staying awake so obviously having a pint was going to make all the difference 😉 however, it was tons of fun and it ended up with everyone back at ours learning pole dance moves till about 1230! had to go to bed then though, hardcore.

Saturday was monster dissertation writing session, wrote a whole seciton just need to get it cleared by the tutors. Hmmm. Then it was off to Gemma and Jermaine’s for drinkies and EZ Rollahhhhhhs! Wicked night, playing ring of fire and discussing work, ladies and knives. Big knives! Hehe. It’s sod;s law though, the night I’ve been looking forward to for ages and cue non stop bleeding ear. I got in a taxi and went home. Damnit.

Sunday: hungover. So very very hungover. It was good though because the sun was shining and we all trooped around town having roast dinner and coffee and the like, then back to Sam’s for a WIll Ferrell finlm bonanza! With added yumchi. Wicked.

So, in conclusion best weekend woohaaaa trying not to experience guilt pangs for not doing any work sunday, so am going to blitz it this week. All my companies are wanting things done by Wednesday, and I’m starting to panic about the design project because I haven’t even visualised it yet. Arrrrggghh. A bit of a bonus though, am doing some wicked artwork for Creativtypes, they wanted me to illustrate something for their wall so of course I’m going to steal it and whack it on here because it is my work after all! Wicked though. Back to the grindstone….


Week 26

28 03 2008

This week I have mainly been doing:

  • Indesign documents because I love the program,
  • Working on the wonderful dissertation, I formulated the innovation scale at 1am this morning,
  • Coming up with yet more ideas for my range of menstruation packaging, the dressing table boxes have been finalised but need to mock up some prototypes of the travel packs to see scale etc.
  • Researching funding programs to try and get some more money for Bulb projects,
  • Working with wakeupmakeup and wowing them with my amazing ideas of wonderment, they loved them and this last meeting in aprticular has inspired me to do loads of stuff for them. Wish I’d brought it with me today though, got a bit of an empty day.
  • So I still have a mountain of work that goats fall off of but it is getting steadily smaller. The placement is going really well and I’ve got some wicked portfolio stuff going on too, so it seems everything is going well so far. I also have a new skirt from Gsus which is amazing and only £6 off ebay! Yessss student budget clothes shopping pays off again! Am still saving for the mooncup but I’ve got enough money this month! Woohoo! Now it’s just justifying spending all that money in one go. Or I could just shut my eyes, enter my card details and click ‘send’. I might just do that.

    Week 25

    22 03 2008

    So far things have been progressing nicely, with only little setbacks. So I felt it was time to go back down south and visit the parents for the weekend, in true working person styleee. It’s just snowed, but dissertation books are warm and so are family.

    Things are alright, and the caffeine addiction is developing nicely. I love coffee. So much. That’s probably my most expensive luxury food thing, because I’ll only ever buy fair trade and preferably organic strong roast for my beautiful yellow filter machine. *sigh* brilliant.

    The dissertation scale is the current issue, because I’m working on a rough 3D model I can use for multiple companies to analyse entrepreneurial tendencies (risk management, innovative qualities etc) and measure them against frequency and significance of the innovations they produce. Hopefully it’ll produce an accurate model based on current quantifiable management models that can be ripped apart by two separate tutors. It’ll be very interesting to see what they say.

    I could really, really do with an Apple and Elderflower collins or maybe a hot toddy. It’s because it’s the weekend, I miss having cocktails with Dan from our monster bar. One day I will get round to taking a photograph of it because it is amazingly beautiful. I do miss him, it will be three weeks till our next meet now. Just because he wants to go gallivanting off on his free company ski trip =p hehe.

    The Hard Sell

    20 03 2008

    Just realised that it has been almost a week since the gig and I haven’t written about it. So here we go…

    DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist present THE HARD SELL

    The support was Kid Koala, which was VERY exciting because he is on my list of ‘people I must see perform before I die’. He was absolutely fantastic, I think he really went for it because it’s going to be his last show for a while because his wife is having a baby! =] He was absolutely amazing, so talented and he just knows when to tone it down and when to make the crowd jump. It was absolutely fantastic. I absolutely loved his version of Moonriver where he plays the tune with different pitches and two versions of the song on vinyl. That was absolutely astounding. Check that user’s videos, he did shankypanky and Basin Street Blues as well, two all time Koala classics.

    I do have to admit, the second half of the set by the title heavyweights Chemist and Shadow was a bit difficult to get into, and rather than being riveted to the stage like normal I found myself drifting a little bit. The first half is amazing, and really showed a return to what they’re so very very good at, but the second half was a little bit too…. I can’t put my finger on it but it seemed that they didn’t drop it as heavy as expected. Or maybe my tastes have changed over the last few years. On the forums people have been saying that they left halfway through because they weren’t impressed! Those people have obviously got £25 to throw down the drain and no optimism.

    Overall I really really enjoyed it and it was such a good day generally. The graffiti workshop went really well and the wife and I had a wonderful time wondering around Camden buying reduced price fair trade jewellery and paper. We then wandered into a swanky looking bar with giant leather armchairs, saw the price list, and quickly scarpered into the nearest cosy pub for a pint. Overall, I had a lovely time and will always remember the gig thanks to the giant badge with “I was first in line for The Hard Sell” and my many, many videos (which aren’t on Youtube 😉 ).

    Thankyou, Dan, for an amazing birthday present.

    Funding Application: Almost There

    19 03 2008

    After goodness knows how long, I’ve finally got my bottom in gear and written out the funding application for a 2 months summer project with kids, shooting panoramic photographs of Leicester town. Boooyaaa. Hopefully it’ll come through, don’t know what I’ll do if it doesn’t! It’s such a wicked project, but then there’s no telling if this is good or bad value for money as we don’t know what other people are doing at this time. Oh well. Keep the fingers crossed.

    Future potential prototyping

    18 03 2008

    Richard C (uni tutor) rang me yesterday with amazing news, so amazing I didn’t believe him at first. I won the Sloane competition, and my point of sale design is going to be prototyped at their factory ready for pitching to tescos! Can you believe it?! It’s mad! I really thought someone else would get it because I’m not the most talented on our course by far. Madness.

    Sloane apparently have also shown great interest in taking me on in a full time research position in their offices/factory in Northampton. However, this has been offered to everyone on my course so I am a bit doubtful they would choose me. But it’s worth going for anyway, because changing the retail sector from the inside out is definitely something I am interested in. Packaging and things seem to be where I’m headed so elt’s hope it is the right direction for me.

    Home time! Going to go draw technical packaging drawings and then go poledancing. I do miss my wife. Come home soon wifey.

    Adventures of a graphic design placement student: Day 2

    18 03 2008

    It is day 2 of the three week work placement with Creativtypes in the LCB depot of Leicester, and I do have to say I am enjoying it immensely. Yesterday was wicked because I got to work on a live logo pitch, doing four logos in an afternoon, which is much much faster than I’m used to! Hope they were alright, fingers crossed. Still really nervous about my illustrator, photoshop and design skills.

    Today was a tour of a printers where I saw litho printing and loads of other different things like laser cutting going on, it was amazing. I’ve never seen a printers before, as silly as that sounds, so I had no idea what it would look like. It was wicked.

    Overall, I am really happy here at the moment but having to come home and immediately start on dissertation and live project is really draining. I also have to work on the wakeupmakeup brief but I don’t know if I’m on the right track so am waiting for the nod to carry on and finalise things. Wakeupmakeup has felt the most difficult so far, maybe because it is a format I am really not used to. I’ve never done multimedia before so I’m having a jolly good bash at it! Wooooohooooo!