Week 23 – disjointed

4 03 2008

The one week project wasn’t too stressful, everything was finished in time and it looked alright. Below are my two solutions for the Nivea Visage brief. Apologies for the disgusting carpet, that’s the library.

Billboard poster final
Bus poster final
Research and initial ideas boardDevelopment boardFinals board

Everything else is going smoothly, spent yesterday in the library scanning and reading about synthetic gemstones for my dissertation then went to Bulb to pack brochures into DVDs. There was an exhibition on downstairs for the second year design and crafts course at DMU so naturally the wife and I crashed it. We were only looking at the pieces, honest. The rumours that we had food and three glasses of wine each are totally unfounded.

Today’s been busy as hit the gym early then met Jay from Wakeupmakeup for a four hour meeting (!) which was really relaxed and we were spending the time bouncing ideas for the project, it wasn’t a boring forced thing. I wasn’t as imaginative as normal though, am feeling a bit low energy wise today. Sleeping has suddenly become really hard. Oh well, getting more work done!

Tomorrow is hectic too, as am off to give blood in the morning then onto Bulb’s EGM via the post office to send my Mum’s very belated Mother’s Day parcel off. Wooohaaaa.

Am starting to get a bit frazzled about work because it really does feel like I haven’t read or designed as much as I should have. This weekend will have to be really packed with studying, if anything just to alleviate the guilt.




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