Giving blood attempt 1

11 03 2008

Giving blood was supposed to be a good thing. This day has been on the horizon (in a good way) for ages now. I really, really wanted to do it. Instead I pass out before even entering the room with the needle. Well done.

Getting blood tests and things are normally absolutely fine for me, but the last one I had was done by a trainee who could not find my vein for love nor money. I remember watching the bruising develop down my arm and then nothing as I blacked out in the waiting room. Woohoo!

So frustrating, as it was something I really wanted to do. It took me forever to recover as well, probably about an hour. I prepared so well though, ate and drank before getting there and was really up for it. Stupid body! Why don’t you want to share my blood?! Stop being so selfish.




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