The Hard Sell

20 03 2008

Just realised that it has been almost a week since the gig and I haven’t written about it. So here we go…

DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist present THE HARD SELL

The support was Kid Koala, which was VERY exciting because he is on my list of ‘people I must see perform before I die’. He was absolutely fantastic, I think he really went for it because it’s going to be his last show for a while because his wife is having a baby! =] He was absolutely amazing, so talented and he just knows when to tone it down and when to make the crowd jump. It was absolutely fantastic. I absolutely loved his version of Moonriver where he plays the tune with different pitches and two versions of the song on vinyl. That was absolutely astounding. Check that user’s videos, he did shankypanky and Basin Street Blues as well, two all time Koala classics.

I do have to admit, the second half of the set by the title heavyweights Chemist and Shadow was a bit difficult to get into, and rather than being riveted to the stage like normal I found myself drifting a little bit. The first half is amazing, and really showed a return to what they’re so very very good at, but the second half was a little bit too…. I can’t put my finger on it but it seemed that they didn’t drop it as heavy as expected. Or maybe my tastes have changed over the last few years. On the forums people have been saying that they left halfway through because they weren’t impressed! Those people have obviously got £25 to throw down the drain and no optimism.

Overall I really really enjoyed it and it was such a good day generally. The graffiti workshop went really well and the wife and I had a wonderful time wondering around Camden buying reduced price fair trade jewellery and paper. We then wandered into a swanky looking bar with giant leather armchairs, saw the price list, and quickly scarpered into the nearest cosy pub for a pint. Overall, I had a lovely time and will always remember the gig thanks to the giant badge with “I was first in line for The Hard Sell” and my many, many videos (which aren’t on Youtube 😉 ).

Thankyou, Dan, for an amazing birthday present.




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