Week 25

22 03 2008

So far things have been progressing nicely, with only little setbacks. So I felt it was time to go back down south and visit the parents for the weekend, in true working person styleee. It’s just snowed, but dissertation books are warm and so are family.

Things are alright, and the caffeine addiction is developing nicely. I love coffee. So much. That’s probably my most expensive luxury food thing, because I’ll only ever buy fair trade and preferably organic strong roast for my beautiful yellow filter machine. *sigh* brilliant.

The dissertation scale is the current issue, because I’m working on a rough 3D model I can use for multiple companies to analyse entrepreneurial tendencies (risk management, innovative qualities etc) and measure them against frequency and significance of the innovations they produce. Hopefully it’ll produce an accurate model based on current quantifiable management models that can be ripped apart by two separate tutors. It’ll be very interesting to see what they say.

I could really, really do with an Apple and Elderflower collins or maybe a hot toddy. It’s because it’s the weekend, I miss having cocktails with Dan from our monster bar. One day I will get round to taking a photograph of it because it is amazingly beautiful. I do miss him, it will be three weeks till our next meet now. Just because he wants to go gallivanting off on his free company ski trip =p hehe.




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