Week 26

28 03 2008

This week I have mainly been doing:

  • Indesign documents because I love the program,
  • Working on the wonderful dissertation, I formulated the innovation scale at 1am this morning,
  • Coming up with yet more ideas for my range of menstruation packaging, the dressing table boxes have been finalised but need to mock up some prototypes of the travel packs to see scale etc.
  • Researching funding programs to try and get some more money for Bulb projects,
  • Working with wakeupmakeup and wowing them with my amazing ideas of wonderment, they loved them and this last meeting in aprticular has inspired me to do loads of stuff for them. Wish I’d brought it with me today though, got a bit of an empty day.
  • So I still have a mountain of work that goats fall off of but it is getting steadily smaller. The placement is going really well and I’ve got some wicked portfolio stuff going on too, so it seems everything is going well so far. I also have a new skirt from Gsus which is amazing and only £6 off ebay! Yessss student budget clothes shopping pays off again! Am still saving for the mooncup but I’ve got enough money this month! Woohoo! Now it’s just justifying spending all that money in one go. Or I could just shut my eyes, enter my card details and click ‘send’. I might just do that.




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