Lovely weekend

31 03 2008

Last week was a bit of a killer all in all, with the amount fo working and things. But the weekend made up for it. Oh yes it did. Friday was a lovely impromptu drinks session with Seani and people, because I was having trouble staying awake so obviously having a pint was going to make all the difference 😉 however, it was tons of fun and it ended up with everyone back at ours learning pole dance moves till about 1230! had to go to bed then though, hardcore.

Saturday was monster dissertation writing session, wrote a whole seciton just need to get it cleared by the tutors. Hmmm. Then it was off to Gemma and Jermaine’s for drinkies and EZ Rollahhhhhhs! Wicked night, playing ring of fire and discussing work, ladies and knives. Big knives! Hehe. It’s sod;s law though, the night I’ve been looking forward to for ages and cue non stop bleeding ear. I got in a taxi and went home. Damnit.

Sunday: hungover. So very very hungover. It was good though because the sun was shining and we all trooped around town having roast dinner and coffee and the like, then back to Sam’s for a WIll Ferrell finlm bonanza! With added yumchi. Wicked.

So, in conclusion best weekend woohaaaa trying not to experience guilt pangs for not doing any work sunday, so am going to blitz it this week. All my companies are wanting things done by Wednesday, and I’m starting to panic about the design project because I haven’t even visualised it yet. Arrrrggghh. A bit of a bonus though, am doing some wicked artwork for Creativtypes, they wanted me to illustrate something for their wall so of course I’m going to steal it and whack it on here because it is my work after all! Wicked though. Back to the grindstone….




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