Week 28

9 04 2008

Very quick update as am working at the same time, but today is the day of the Sloane meeting, where they will discuss the reports that they have chosen to investigate further. This is my first chance to wow them and hopefully get a foot in the door on that research position. I really want to go for it, as everything else looks so uncertain. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but I can’t pass up the chance for a free masters degree!

Work is going well but slowly, it is going to be a flat out slog now until the deadline next week, but I feel really upbeat and ready today. Kept waking up in the night panicking about work, might just give up sleeping for a while until all this is over, then crash for about a week. Woohaaa.

My camera’s finally given up the ghost after endless nights out, countless trips to other countries and a physical attack in the street. It’s a bit rubbish because it has so much history and I can’t afford another one, but I;m just going to have to live off other people’s memory cards for now! It’s all good.

I am really nervous and excited in equal measures about the Sloane meeting, but the good thing is I feel really on the ball. It seems less sleep equals more in control which is a very good sign. Anyway, off to shade in metal boxes for the Big Project.




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