Job Prospects

21 04 2008

Hints have been dropped left right and centre. There’s the possibility of the KTP with Sloane, which would be researching environmental materials and (potentially but people keep telling me this ia bit optimistic) helping to change the face of retail. Wakeupmakeup dropped a hint today that they might like to employ me full time, or possibly part time because they also mentioned the part time job that I am going to go for anyway with Leicester comedy festival. There’s sparkly wonderful Bulb who are amazingly supportive and like me doing workshops and things, even though I don’t have many media skills about my person. Graff I can do, and I like to think I’m alright at the group teaching part of things because I do like working with kids. But what do I want to do?

It’s going to have to come to a decision soon because after June I can’t pay my rent any more and I’m going to have to come up with a lot of money pretty sharpish in order to afford a deposit and first month’s rent in a new place. Uncertainty reigns supreme.

In other news, got a photoshoot tomorrow as apparently I’m one of the 5 people who best represents our course. Rock on. Think it’s just because I was in the room at the time they got the email though.


Knew This Would Happen

21 04 2008

So the phase of self loathing and mental torture that is typical around deadline time is continuing. It’s slightly rubbish. Everything was going well, I was suitably sleep deprived to the point where I was really on top of everything and getting used to the surreal feeling that comes with being awake for so long but then I went to Dan’s and everything fell apart. I slept. And slept. And ate a bit. And slept. So now I have all this random energy and it won’t focus on work. Which is rubbish because the dissertation deadline is next Friday. All I want to do is watch films and poledance, is that so much to ask?