Not so easily swayed… till now

24 04 2008

One of the good things about being a not-very-girly girl is that I am not so easily swayed by beautiful jewellery. I like quirky things, sometimes almost masculine in styling with clean lines and non fussy detailing. However, I have just come across this during dissertation research:

Crystal heart USB necklace

it’s the first piece of mainstream jewellery I’ve seen that I could actually wear. It’s beautiful, appealing to my slightly more girly side but it’s still amazingly practical. A whole GB of memory on me all the time?! Amazing. It would save my life quite a few times because I could just whack everything important on there and forget about it. No more stressing about memory sticks or worrying about invoices. If only I had £105 spare in the bank…. maybe in 5 years. Possibly.




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