Week 33: Exhausted

5 05 2008

So it is very nearly almost over. For good. The dissertation was finished and printed on Wednesday, bound on Thursday and handed in on Friday. All that’s left now is the 24 hour project which is tomorrow until Wednesday and the research poster handed in next week.

This week has been really good, went to 9bar on Wednesday for drinkies which turned into Seani and I having a heart to heart for ages, Thursday the wife and I cooked a wicked meal of vegetarian haggis, celeriac and butternut squash and drew amazing pictures to go on the wall for the upcoming party. It was wicked. The party on Saturday went really well, although only Sam, Al, Dan and I set it up which was a bit stressful and annoying but it’s cool because there was a really good vibe going once the party got started.

Unfortunately I haven’t felt well since Friday, and even now I feel so drained and uncomfortable no matter how much water I drink or naps I have. The only thing I can hope for is that it goes away once I start getting into job hunting mode. I can’t wait to have a job now, if only to have some structured work hours. Although even if I did go freelance (depending on the circumstances) and had to motivate myself and manage my own time outside of the nine to five I really could do it, because I’ve done it enough this year. I can’t just sit around on my bottom all day I would actually go insane.

I’m off now, to watch desperate housewives, rewrite my CV and draft out my research poster. Having all this time is a bit of an alien concept. I don’t know what to do with myself. Quick! Someone give me some work!




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