Almost Done

27 05 2008

It’s mad, it’s been a long time since last posting and a lot has happened. The 24 hour project was finished and printed with time to spare (!) and even managed 3 hours sleep which was wicked. The research poster has been handed in too, all beautiful and pink. All that’s left now is getting my prototype manufactured courtesy of Sloane, and finding a job! Exciting stuff

On the flip side however, my funding application got returned for the second time. This has seriously messed up my schedule for the holiday project, as it’s supposed to begin in July and the application takes eight weeks to process. In other words, it may get returned AGAIN because the dates now overlap. It’s a frustrating process but a worthwhile experience in brueacracy. I may not even get the money, in which case all this was for nothing. But it’s cool, no worries.

Better news: I have conquered my Fear! I can kick up in poledancing and hold the crucifix without panicking! It’s amazing! The wife can take all the credit for that though, she taught me the value of pulling your hand away superfast. Nice one chickadee, knew you were good for something 😉 as well as balancing my body’s high maintenance nutritional needs and listening to my brain’s moaning =]

Finding a job, even a temp one, is damn hard work. Nowhere really wants to employ me, and because I don’t have my passport here (it’s down south) they don’t love me. It’s cool, something will turn up I’m sure. Am putting off getting a full time job because doing the volunteer thing is so much fun. It can’t go on forever, but while it is I might as well enjoy it.

House hunting is going well, saw two places the other day which were nice. One was unfurnished but quite high rent, and the other was furnished, low rent and good area. Very cool, but it needs a lot of stuff done to it before we can actually move in. For example, the previous tenants managed to break two windows without the landlord’s knowledge. Well done. Still looking, because I refuse to be screwed over in July when I am technically homeless, and end up somewhere rubbish through desperation.

Overall though, things are good just not moving as fast as I would like. But then, I must learn that everything does not happen when I want it to. Gahhh.




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