100th Post

18 06 2008

Having recently rediscovered poetry, it’s only fitting the 100th post is a poem, by a lovely chap called Jacob Sam-la Rose.

There are a million grains in a 20 kilogram sack of rice.
Give or take. It’s a hard enough number to imagine,

the kind that slips through the mind’s fingers, like digging
your hands in that same sack, trying to feel

for individuals; the kind of counting that surpasses
fingers, bigger than the mind’s computational eye,

like the full, unending girth of sky, like death,
the kind of threshold you concede

and take for granted. Imagine the sum
in eleven of those sacks, and I’m trying to find a way

to make that number real, like how many pots and how long
it might take to cook that much rice, and still retain the detail

of each swollen grain; a real, fleshy equation that might capture
the percentage of wastage, the amount that would fall

and be forgotten even while trying to keep count,
the appetite that might be necessary to take it all in.

In a lesson on trying to make the abstract more concrete,
one of my students, a Guyanese boy, late teens,

shares a draft in which he’s counting
the breaths of his sleeping girlfriend.

He’s met her father, shook his hand –
weeks later, the girl explains

that her Akan blood arrows back up to royalty,
that the boy is the son of a slave,

that there is no future for them, only a past.
I understand that the counting makes it easier,

lends a sense of a narrative, a march into the future
of something as simple as breath, in the face of something

so large it blots whatever light he’d been drawn by,
but it’s not working, and as much as I try,

I can’t suggest anything to make the poem any easier,
until he offers a resolution: a memory

of sitting on the sea wall in Georgetown, facing the Atlantic,
following the darts of sunlight riding the backs of waves,

wondering where each began, how each follows
the heels of another as they furl

towards wall or shore, how he can only understand
as much of it as his eye can drink in,

how the rest, for him, is a mystery


Twist and Shout

17 06 2008

This week I am mostly working for A&L in the mornings then Twist and Shout in the afternoons. It’s fun. Looking for a real job still.

The Last Two Weeks (in brief)

17 06 2008

The last two weeks have been absolutely mad. I’ve been working for A&L in the mornings, dealing with their ISA application backlog, and in the afternoons trekking it all the way to Northampton to spend time in Sloane’s factory with the beautiful prototype. I might call him Eric, but I haven’t decided yet. He’s beautiful.

Have been applying for jobs left right and centre in a bid to stay in Leicester. I’m building a nice life here, all the people are lovely and the culture is just exploding. Hurrah!

A couple of weeks ago was the interview for Temporary Marketing Officer for the Phoenix Arts company, and it went pretty well considering I wasn’t even expecting to get an interview! I didn’t get it, but it seemed a bit of a scary post to be honest. I still see the Phoenix as this massive organisation with a massive national and international presence, and don’t feel ready for the responsibility if I potentially mess up their reputation. That is a bit pessimistic but my confidence has always been a bit of an issue in terms of design, marketing and all that jazz. Got to sort it.

The Fear is still conquered! And I’ve almost mastered a move I think is called The Sun Shines Throughout. It’s pretty wicked 😉 I’ll post photos if I ever have the nerve. Finding the time to practise at the moment is a bit difficult though. Miss the wife.

Degree Show Loveliness

16 06 2008

Last week was a killer. It was the second week of temping at A&L in the mornings, and in the afternoons I was pimping myself out for a flatscreen TV for my prototype point of sale unit. When I eventually secured one from the lovely fellahs at Richers Sounds it was taken directly to Sloane’s factory, where I spent most of my afternoons last week going “ooooooh” at how it was developing. The engineers there were absolutely fantastic, and because they simply couldn’t get rid of me they were really willing to talk and tell me how everything was going. It’s beautiful, I’ll put photos in another post.

The actualy Friday night ceremony went really smoothly, but the few days beforehand did not. There was a massive mixup at the printers, and my a1 research posters were printed a4, and the a4 promo posters were printed a1. Disaster! It was fixed just in time, but I had to run home to let my Mum in (who was napping in the car outside the house haha) so we could literally get ready and then route march to the exhibiton. It was so cool my Mum was able to get there early, it would’ve been terrible if she missed the awards ceremony, she’s been to every one of my competitions as far back as I can remember so it was amazing she was there for this one too. Love you Mum.

Had the best night on Sunday with Hayley as well, especially because I haven’t seen her in a few millenia. We were ripping the student discount at Pi Bar, christening the new shoes in style!

The lovely man who interviewed me for the temporary marketing officer position was there for the presentation too bless him, although he was invited I didn’t think he’d actually turn up. But he did, which was lovely although I didn’t get to talk to him. It would be cool to do some freelance work with the Phoenix at some point, so I’m going to start resharpening my web skills again, especially on Dreamweaver. (I know the code ends up ugly, but it’s a worthwhile skill to have). I do miss the geek talks that used to happen with certain people, but then….