Alor! Too Long, Too Long….

5 08 2008

It has been far too long since the last update (like every blogger seems to say at least once in their blogging history) and a lot has happened since. But, I am working (as always) so don’t have time to get into it further than bullet points. So here they are.

  • Moved into the House of Wonder, kitted out for free (another post will follow raving about how wonderful this process was and how it will always be ongoing!)
  • Still at Alliance and Leicester, living it up admin style
  • Finished at twist and shout but still occasionally work there when they need office cover
  • Have been project managing at Mainstream Partnership since July, and unfortunately it finishes next week. Delivered on their celebratory brochure and another post will follow about this too (promises promises)
  • Everyone has moved away. It is official. But there are still some wonderful people here, and that makes everything worthwhile
  • Have been applying for jobs left right and centre and am waiting to hear back on quite a few of them. I have applied for so far: Creative Agent for Creative Partnerships, Project Development Officer for Nottingham, Product Development Officer for DMU, Environmental and Sustainable Technology Development officer for Sloane/DMU, a freelance artworking job, a dance job and I’ve sent some head shots off to a modelling agency. There’s more than this, but I got bored.

Pedestrian are moving into their new studio today and I am going to help them move. It is beeeeeautiful and I will love spending more of my time there 😉