Change is Good

4 09 2008

…. and it is still happening. Alliance and Leicester has finished and it turned out to be an eleven week contract rather than ten but they liked me so have offered me two days of call centre work to fill up my five days. However, I don’t know if I’ll actually take it as I’m exploring other possibilities before I commit myself to something so soul destroying.

The last two weeks were spent in Spain, on the South coast and we went absolutely everywhere. Cartagena, Torrevieja, Guadamar, Murcia etc etc. It was brilliant to really chill out and spend a lot of time with family, and Dan came up for the first week too. It was his first real holiday out of the UK, and he really enjoyed it. Neither of us got tanned but then what do you expect from a redhead and someone who’s skin has never seen the sun!

This was the first week at Pedestrian, and it went well but I’m still settling in so still afraid of messing things up! It’s just lovely to be considered for the role and I do appreciate it so much. Brilliant organisation.




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