Keeping the Faith

5 10 2008

The manic times continue. We were out promoting the Pedestrian party at the Roadmender in Northampton on Thursday and didn’t get back till 5am! Fantastic response though, we flyered and postered the hell out of the Roadmender and did all the takeaways and bars in Northampton under the direction of good old Mr. Ski. Tickets are selling well at present, waiting with baited breath to see how it goes on the night!

I love the Roadmender as a venue, it’s gorgeous. They also have two dedicated sound engineers who will keep it sweet all night. Really want to actually watch Jungle Drummer and Danny Byrd, so am going to tweak my door shifts so I get to enjoy it as well as work my arse off! But I love every minute, so I’m not really complaining at all. It’s brilliant that I love my job so much.




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