BPM and Birthday Madness

20 10 2008

After the madness of the Pedestrian Party all the equipment had to be broken down on the night in order for me to run it across the county to Castle Donnington, in time for BPM: The biggest DJ convention in Europe.

Audio Innovate, Skratchworx and Pedestrian all linked up to promote the Innofader all weekend. The Innofader is a revolutionary new non contact fader, based on the concept that unlike other faders based on friction the Innofader should never wear out. With a response time of a couple of miliseconds and tension adjust so precise it slides like butter, there were quite a few DJs eager to give it a try. We even had Switch, the current world DMC champion having a go for hours!

The Scratch battle held in the afternoon went amazingly, with the audience deciding the winner of the day. Unfortunately I didn’t watch it because I was walking around telling people about it but the videos I’ve got of it are amazing. All the participants are so skilled, and it’s fascinating watching them scratch because it is like handwriting. Every one is completely different and unique to the person, from their technique to their chosen rhythm. Fascinating.

Even though sleep deprivation is at an all time high, we still managed to get the crowd going and demo our faces off. I even had a go at scratching for the second time ever! Wax was teaching me, and although I got the basics I have still got a thousand miles to go before I can do anything even semi resembling something decent! But then again, maybe I’m better out of that world at the moment as I would just be tempted to blow everything on decks to practise on ๐Ÿ˜‰ or I could just borrow Pedestrian’s for a while!

So after the Pedestrian Party, an hours sleep and a DJ convention it was time to stay awake more and celebrate Samantha Jayne’s wonderful birthday. All of her and Al’s friends came to visit from all over the country, and it was brilliant to actually meet the people that they had talked about so much! Lovely chaps, all of them. I just wish I had had more sleep in order to enjoy it properly, but there’s always next year ๐Ÿ˜‰

BPM Photos

The Setup…..

Pedestrian and Skratchworx at BPM

Setting up the cut

DMC world champion Switch demos the Innofader

DJ Angelo has a cut on the Innofader

The Saturday scratch battle contestants




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