Two thirds of the way there

21 10 2008

Pedestrian have given me the day off today, partly because I need to recover and partly because I wasn’t even vaguely human yesterday it was more like having one of the living dead in the studio. I was still working, but very slowly, I would even say glacier pace. But after 12 hours sleep, a massive bowl of porridge and sunshine through my window I feel a bit better. I still can’t believe everything everyone’s been working so hard on is now over. However, I was chatting to Danny Byrd, Jungle Drummer and DJ Fu and they have all offered to do workshops for Pedestrian at a later date which is cool if I can actually pin them down. I hope so, they were all alright chaps once they knew what Pedestrian were about.

Also, massive thanks to Josh, Ski, Sam, Mat, Jim, Mick, Stu, and everyone else who has helped flyer, poster, promote, bought raffle tickets and generally gave Pedestrian some love. Without you chaps this event would never have happened. It’s been emotional times.




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