The Bruises Have Been Worth It

18 11 2008


Drunk Blogging

15 11 2008

It’s 1am and dinner has been replaced by many, many drinks. Whoops. Here is my life in short statements:

– Brilliant night tonight, had a lovely time with the design crew in lots of bars. Drunken times

– My phone finally works! So will ring Mum and Dad tomorrow, providing they aren’t jet setting off anywhere 😉

– Tomorrow we are going to see Annie Mac at leicester Uni, it will be brilliant as Sean and I have already arranged the drawing on of neon rainbow moustaches and goatees. Photos will follow

– I have a date! With a nice man. It’s still all very surreal

– Malkovich malkovich malkovich. Watched half of that last night before falling asleep

– Run out of silver strips. So lazy not buying any

– Ema reminded me of drunken embarrassing conversations had on my birthday. Whoops

– Ema is coming to Bristol! Hopefully. She will dance with us. It’s great, am bringing a collective to Bristol to dance rather than just me. Will be amazing. Don’t know if I can be arsed to wear nice shoes, it is a rave after all, they’d only get dragged through the squatjuice

– I’ve got to go and paint a creche in Nottingham tomorrow. Then get my arsed kicked by Donna. Hopefully there will be hardl an hangover. Famous last words

– Poodge. It is sad

– I can hear next door having sex. Depressing

– £300

– Awesome: too american a word?

– Tired. Bed time with bread. Ahhhhhhh

Routine (damn body)

7 11 2008

Had a good day today, but my body still hasn’t sorted itself out. My ovaries are trying to kill me again, apparently on a three week cycle. Explains why I’ve been feeling so rubbish lately though. Tried to do my routine at dancing and my brain kept blanking, concentration is really hard to hold on to at the moment. Keep kicking myself because I should have been going through it this week in my brain but I haven’t. Am determined to know it inside out by next Thursday now, on top of the Riverside street dance with Clare.On the bright side, was very close to doing Death Lay today. When I get it I will post pictures, as that is the power move to end all power moves, and it is going in my routine! Excited!

On a side note, was teaching the Cultural Quarter Business Association members about blogging this evening and it was lovely teaching people about technology and what it can bring to business. It also made me brush up a little on the tiny bit of code I know, and rediscover RSS feed burners. They’re so lovely and pretty. Being a blog geek is the most fun you can have by yourself (when there’s no poles involved).

So ridiculously excited about this weekend, Gemma and I have a massive girly day planned with shopping for dancing pants and dresses, cocktails, free sushi and generally behaving like girls for once! We’re around guys so much it’s easy to forget that you are allowed to dress up and look decent every once in a while, rather than just throwing on jeans so you can get start playing drinking games sooner. So excited! Haven’t worn a dress and heels for so long, it’s going to be pure and utter carnage in the best way possible.

The Deal Is On!

6 11 2008

Donna said if I win Miss Pole Dance UK next year (she has high hopes!) she will get my name tattooed on her arse. It’s on! I’m all for ‘Donna Loves Lauren 2009’.

Cracked It

1 11 2008

After blasting out almost four hours on the pole today, I’ve cracked it. The move that is one of the cornerstones of my routine and has been on my mind since the girls were at the studio in Barrow. It’s the best feeling, and I’ve got to hold on to it and build my muscle memory around it. A big weight has been lifted, a bit like when my CRB came through after four months of waiting.


Ongoing Addiction

1 11 2008

For the first time the budget has allowed private pole lessons with Donna, and it’s been absolutely brilliant. She’s choreographing a routine for me based on ‘Over the Rainbow’, and although it started with the Judy Garland version two and a half minutes is simply not long enough so it’s now the Ella Fitzgerald version which has a lovely jazz feel to it as well. Been looking for something for so long that has a theme, and this is probably the best one because the shoes the routine requires are going to be special!

One of the lovely ladies down south has offered the wife and I a pole gig in Bristol, which we’ve accepted for now but we’re still sorting out details like what sort of night it is, how many poles, do we need a routine etc etc. My routine can be done to anything but the wife will need to freestyle, and it’s really about whether she’s alright doing that more than anything. As we only do single moves in class it’s a bit difficult to suddenly stand up in front of an audience and string them all together! It could end up being a lot of fireman moves and sunwheels!

Fireworks tonight! Haven’t been to a firework display in so long, it’s going to be magical. Probably not as magical as I remember because the last one I went to was about ten years ago but still…. magical. With added cider. Feel a bit rubbish because I sacked last night off, but my back was really sore yesterday. Probably a combination of the immense back bends in my routine and not warming up properly, should really take my own advice sometimes!

Off again this morning for a session with Donna, not complaining as I absolutely adore every minute of it. If only pole dancing was in the Olympics…