Drunk Blogging

15 11 2008

It’s 1am and dinner has been replaced by many, many drinks. Whoops. Here is my life in short statements:

– Brilliant night tonight, had a lovely time with the design crew in lots of bars. Drunken times

– My phone finally works! So will ring Mum and Dad tomorrow, providing they aren’t jet setting off anywhere 😉

– Tomorrow we are going to see Annie Mac at leicester Uni, it will be brilliant as Sean and I have already arranged the drawing on of neon rainbow moustaches and goatees. Photos will follow

– I have a date! With a nice man. It’s still all very surreal

– Malkovich malkovich malkovich. Watched half of that last night before falling asleep

– Run out of silver strips. So lazy not buying any

– Ema reminded me of drunken embarrassing conversations had on my birthday. Whoops

– Ema is coming to Bristol! Hopefully. She will dance with us. It’s great, am bringing a collective to Bristol to dance rather than just me. Will be amazing. Don’t know if I can be arsed to wear nice shoes, it is a rave after all, they’d only get dragged through the squatjuice

– I’ve got to go and paint a creche in Nottingham tomorrow. Then get my arsed kicked by Donna. Hopefully there will be hardl an hangover. Famous last words

– Poodge. It is sad

– I can hear next door having sex. Depressing

– £300

– Awesome: too american a word?

– Tired. Bed time with bread. Ahhhhhhh




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