Monday Blues

22 12 2008

Apparently I’m very pouty today. I feel a bit sad. It would be nice to go to dancing then curl up on the sofa afterwards watching Desperate Housewives while drawing in my Yellow Book of Thoughts and Studies. But as much as I feel like doing that I’m going to stop moping and get down the Lansdowne for Christmas dinner with the housemates.

I hate moping.



13 12 2008

As much as I love it, I can’t drink it any more. It makes me so unprofessional. No one wants to talk to a giggly representative rushing off caffeine. Got smacked between the eyes with a caffeine rush in the middle of a meeting the other day and it can’t happen again. Green tea, become my saviour.

Oooo working week

13 12 2008

This week has been a bit manic. Here is a very quick run down of what has been happening in Ramskir World:

  • Monday: Working for Pedestrian, bidding for wonderful projects. Ohhh yeahhhhinterpretativedance
  • Tuesday: Filming for Bulb Studios down in Poole, then off to a Premier Inn where we found an Iraqi restaurant that did the most amazing homemade baklava. Ohhh yeaaah fattyfatfat.
  • Wednesday: Filming for Bulb Studios in Wembley, intense stuff. Then met the girls down Braunstone Gate for a bit of Little Tokyo fun. Sam made inappropriate hand gestures describing how things were going between two of our other friends (cue finger circles and pointing fingers meeting in midair to the soundtrack of “UHHH! UHHHH!”) and won the waiter’s heart.
  • Thursday: Working for Pedestrian putting together more bids. Ice skating and sushi made the evening lots of fun.
  • Friday: Tying things up with Pedestrian so we could jet off to Manchester to see Squarepusher do his amazing furious fingers thing. We threw some fantastic surreal shapes. I loved the fact that just as you get into a beat it changed and morphed into something else, totally throwing off your rhythm. Brilliant. I love things that mess up my head. There was a moment of strangeness when there were lots of drug boys in front of us and then all of a sudden they were surrounding us and grabbing us but it took a well placed elbow and a dash into the crowd to sort it and we were fine. We’re nails. Oh yeah.
  • Saturday: Travelling back from Manchester was hard, poor Gemski was constantly sick in the car. I don’t feel like tearing it up at Scratch Perverts tonight, instead I’m staying in and eating carob raisins. Got to feed my chaps so they grow up big and strong like.
  • Sunday: will be spent making Christmas cards for Pedestrian! Hurrah! And going to the gym. And practising dancing in preparation for Bristolia next weekend. Chekkit chekkit.


13 12 2008

I am going to be one giant mince pie carob raisin hybrid monster. Must stop eating other people’s Christmas presents.

Steve LaMacq Is Mat’s New Best Friend

5 12 2008

Bulb Studios are avid Radio 6 listeners, and when Mat heard that Steve LaMacq was championing a day called ‘Wear Your Old Band Tshirt To Work Day’ he knew it was a match made in Heaven. Good timing too, as that was the day that the Queen visited Leicester to open the new Curve Theatre, making the day all Royal and Official and Everything.

It’s the best thing I’ve seen in ages. Proper.

It’s a White December already

2 12 2008

Walking to work was particularly special today, through the big white flakes of snow. It wasn’t settling but it still makes me feel all happy inside. Couldn’t take any photos as Leicester is a bit scummy in the grey light but will when it settles and the white covers up all the grey parts.

Donna bought suspended silks for the instructors as a Christmas present! We got to try them out yesterday and it was ace. Burns horribly if you try and come down too fast but they look so lovely and feel so solid! I’ve never felt more secure upside down than when suspended by pieces of material wrapped around my feet. Best present ever!

It’s been a mad one lately, feel a bit all over the place. Went back to my parents house for the weekend but only saw them on the Sunday night. Christine’s birthday celebrations were brilliant, Bournemouth is a fun but strange place and we danced the night away to lots of cheesy music then ate chips afterwards. Brilliant.

Did a good 6 hours on the pole with Gemma as well, gearing up for this free party club night in Bristol that we’ll be pole dancing at. Ace. We’ll be taking Ols’f as well so there’ll be two poles for three of us, well three if the wife can get back to me about whether she’s actually free or not! Really looking forward to it, haven’t danced for an hour and a half before. It will be an endurance challenge, a bit like the marathon but around big metal poles. So excited, hopefully some of our Leicester people will come with us too for moral support. But then again, if we fall on our faces they’ll be the first ones to point and laugh!