It’s a White December already

2 12 2008

Walking to work was particularly special today, through the big white flakes of snow. It wasn’t settling but it still makes me feel all happy inside. Couldn’t take any photos as Leicester is a bit scummy in the grey light but will when it settles and the white covers up all the grey parts.

Donna bought suspended silks for the instructors as a Christmas present! We got to try them out yesterday and it was ace. Burns horribly if you try and come down too fast but they look so lovely and feel so solid! I’ve never felt more secure upside down than when suspended by pieces of material wrapped around my feet. Best present ever!

It’s been a mad one lately, feel a bit all over the place. Went back to my parents house for the weekend but only saw them on the Sunday night. Christine’s birthday celebrations were brilliant, Bournemouth is a fun but strange place and we danced the night away to lots of cheesy music then ate chips afterwards. Brilliant.

Did a good 6 hours on the pole with Gemma as well, gearing up for this free party club night in Bristol that we’ll be pole dancing at. Ace. We’ll be taking Ols’f as well so there’ll be two poles for three of us, well three if the wife can get back to me about whether she’s actually free or not! Really looking forward to it, haven’t danced for an hour and a half before. It will be an endurance challenge, a bit like the marathon but around big metal poles. So excited, hopefully some of our Leicester people will come with us too for moral support. But then again, if we fall on our faces they’ll be the first ones to point and laugh!




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