28 01 2009

Some of the people at work are on this ridiculous Kellog’s Crunchy Nut Cornflake ‘2 bowls a day challenge’.

I think it is stupid.

I feel quite passionately about food (now I can actually afford to buy quality stuff!) and this ‘challenge’, in my opinion, is nothing but a thinly veiled marketing ploy to get people to eat more cereal. Come on, sugar and dairy for two meals a day? Where’s the protein and the carbs that you need to survive? You’d have to get it all in the evening meal, which is a lot of pressure on one plate.

It’s better to start the day with a more substantial meal than end with it surely? As then all the food you inevitably end up eating (‘compensating’ for the day of abstinence) sits in your stomach overnight, the worst time to be digesting!

Maybe I am approaching this from the wrong angle, maybe it does work. But the only way I can see it working is by making people’s stomachs shrink (something they can do by not snacking) and encouraging them to eat more fruit out of sheer hunger.

If I had to choose a ‘diet’ it would be a juice detox. But then I can’t be bothered to make my own juices in order to detox, and know I would end up collapsing if I had to do it during a working week. How people manage to function and detox on just juice I will never know.

On a side note, getting enough b12 is really tough without supplements. I didn’t take mine for a week and got really tired and shaky again. It’s rubbish, hate relying on a tablet. But not enough to start eating meat again.

Mmmm. Muesli. nom nom.


Dancing Commissions

23 01 2009

Something I would like to develop in the future is dancing. More dancing. More shows. Will start to build a website soon and actually potentially advertise. Now I’m not the best, but we both work damn hard. Haven’t started doing it et but it might be a future consideration.

So, am going to have a photoshoot in Brighton along a Burlesque theme and a shoot with Helen Roscoe with Ols’f actually on the pole which will be amazing. She is such a great photographer, it will be fantastic to work with her again.

Ols’f is still broken though, he’s currently at Ema’s house as he fits there but we miss him here. Miss the pull ups and the other exercises he allows. Must unfuse him. it will be a massive job though, he’s proper stuck. Stupid bad design. Someone should design a better pole for us, one that actually lets us take it apart would be good. We can dream.

Blast from the Past

23 01 2009

Feel a bit like a student on an all nighter. Discovered this perfect fund for us, and have been chipping away at the application form ever since. It’s a big boy, and I don’t want to discuss it in too much depth in case I get too excited and start making plans like we’ve already got it. Which we haven’t. The deadline is tomorrow at noon. have pulled a couple of late nights with the wife to get it done, but we’re sort of confident now. Sort of. You never can tell, and here is why:

The Things I’m Learning About Funding

– Funders are not always clear about their priorities, and if you guess you may guess wrong

– Even if you pitch perfectly they may already have someone else in mind, and you may not get it

– Be as focused as possible, do not stray from their criteria

– Back up everything you say with statistics from the area your project will take place

– Stay positive, take feedback on board and keep at it

Sometimes it is hard to stay motivated when faced with the challenges of applying for funding, but strangely enough I feel more comfortable applying for the big funds than the small ones. Maybe this is because the amount of funding awarded justifies the time spent on them, whereas small funds for £500 feel a little bit flippant especially when you have to jump through so many hoops to get it.

Anyway, enough negativity. Bed time. Work tomorrow. More funding, more applications, but for Bulb Roots this time. It is really exciting times.

Sad Times

19 01 2009

After learning the sad news that Betty Page passed on in December, Tony Hart’s gone now too. Hard times for influential people.

Getting Closer

19 01 2009

Starting to get more worried about things. One of my friends has just lost his job through the credit crunch, although we’ve all known it is a real dangerous thing it has just really hit home how dangerous it actually is. Luckily for him it’s prompted the decision to go back to college and finish studying for his personal trainer qualifications but you can’t help thinking about all the people for whom that is just not an option. Scary. That’s probably why there’s so much competition for projects at the moment, people are frightened and grabbing at all the pitches they can. But it’s alright, it just makes me work harder to get them. Am a bit nervous about what this will mean on the funding front but let’s just see how it goes. The big funders seem unconcerned but it’s difficult not to worry about the cut in local funding, which can be make or break for a lot of projects. Still, we’re doing alright at the moment due to all the hard work everyone’s putting in to make 2009 the year of Pedestrian Arts.

Happy New January

13 01 2009

It’s half way through but January is still a bit shiny and new. Many things have been happening, as ever. I am quite tired but going to Hub cinema with Boycie later so will try and perk up.

The year started with a bang in Firebug with some lovely people and since then I have (in bullet point format so as not to bore anyone who probably isn’t reading this):

  • Been to the Youth Sport Trust National Talent Orientation Camp and made a wicked film about it
  • Been working for Pedestrian Arts (as always) and setting up many, many projects for the new year
  • Working for Bulb Studios setting up projects and filming things
  • Training for dancing and generally sorting my body out. It is still adapting to my *new* diet (not vegan, I don’t like the label but generally no meat or dairy. Haha. Not vegan!)

Why is it whenever I say I’m vegan (not that I am you understand) people look at me like “I’m so sorry” as if I’ve just told them someone’s died? It makes me laugh internally on a daily basis.

Dancing is hot. Ever since that gig in Bristol I really think we could get on this, so I am going to start advertising us as a duo I reckon. Let’s see what happens.

Looking forward to the belated Christmas meal with my back south girls. The theme is Rabbie Burns night and we all have to buy eachother something tartan. It’s going to be ace I’ve ordered 4 (yes 4) vegetarian haggis for the event and am going to buy some fireworks to let off after dinner. Like after dinner mints but more explosive and slightly more likely to blow your face off. Unless you’re eating XXX mints.

Going to make my Mum a birthday card. Happy birthday for Thursday Mum. Expect something fun in the post.