Happy New January

13 01 2009

It’s half way through but January is still a bit shiny and new. Many things have been happening, as ever. I am quite tired but going to Hub cinema with Boycie later so will try and perk up.

The year started with a bang in Firebug with some lovely people and since then I have (in bullet point format so as not to bore anyone who probably isn’t reading this):

  • Been to the Youth Sport Trust National Talent Orientation Camp and made a wicked film about it
  • Been working for Pedestrian Arts (as always) and setting up many, many projects for the new year
  • Working for Bulb Studios setting up projects and filming things
  • Training for dancing and generally sorting my body out. It is still adapting to my *new* diet (not vegan, I don’t like the label but generally no meat or dairy. Haha. Not vegan!)

Why is it whenever I say I’m vegan (not that I am you understand) people look at me like “I’m so sorry” as if I’ve just told them someone’s died? It makes me laugh internally on a daily basis.

Dancing is hot. Ever since that gig in Bristol I really think we could get on this, so I am going to start advertising us as a duo I reckon. Let’s see what happens.

Looking forward to the belated Christmas meal with my back south girls. The theme is Rabbie Burns night and we all have to buy eachother something tartan. It’s going to be ace I’ve ordered 4 (yes 4) vegetarian haggis for the event and am going to buy some fireworks to let off after dinner. Like after dinner mints but more explosive and slightly more likely to blow your face off. Unless you’re eating XXX mints.

Going to make my Mum a birthday card. Happy birthday for Thursday Mum. Expect something fun in the post.




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