Getting Closer

19 01 2009

Starting to get more worried about things. One of my friends has just lost his job through the credit crunch, although we’ve all known it is a real dangerous thing it has just really hit home how dangerous it actually is. Luckily for him it’s prompted the decision to go back to college and finish studying for his personal trainer qualifications but you can’t help thinking about all the people for whom that is just not an option. Scary. That’s probably why there’s so much competition for projects at the moment, people are frightened and grabbing at all the pitches they can. But it’s alright, it just makes me work harder to get them. Am a bit nervous about what this will mean on the funding front but let’s just see how it goes. The big funders seem unconcerned but it’s difficult not to worry about the cut in local funding, which can be make or break for a lot of projects. Still, we’re doing alright at the moment due to all the hard work everyone’s putting in to make 2009 the year of Pedestrian Arts.




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