Blast from the Past

23 01 2009

Feel a bit like a student on an all nighter. Discovered this perfect fund for us, and have been chipping away at the application form ever since. It’s a big boy, and I don’t want to discuss it in too much depth in case I get too excited and start making plans like we’ve already got it. Which we haven’t. The deadline is tomorrow at noon. have pulled a couple of late nights with the wife to get it done, but we’re sort of confident now. Sort of. You never can tell, and here is why:

The Things I’m Learning About Funding

– Funders are not always clear about their priorities, and if you guess you may guess wrong

– Even if you pitch perfectly they may already have someone else in mind, and you may not get it

– Be as focused as possible, do not stray from their criteria

– Back up everything you say with statistics from the area your project will take place

– Stay positive, take feedback on board and keep at it

Sometimes it is hard to stay motivated when faced with the challenges of applying for funding, but strangely enough I feel more comfortable applying for the big funds than the small ones. Maybe this is because the amount of funding awarded justifies the time spent on them, whereas small funds for £500 feel a little bit flippant especially when you have to jump through so many hoops to get it.

Anyway, enough negativity. Bed time. Work tomorrow. More funding, more applications, but for Bulb Roots this time. It is really exciting times.




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