Dancing Commissions

23 01 2009

Something I would like to develop in the future is dancing. More dancing. More shows. Will start to build a website soon and actually potentially advertise. Now I’m not the best, but we both work damn hard. Haven’t started doing it et but it might be a future consideration.

So, am going to have a photoshoot in Brighton along a Burlesque theme and a shoot with Helen Roscoe with Ols’f actually on the pole which will be amazing. She is such a great photographer, it will be fantastic to work with her again.

Ols’f is still broken though, he’s currently at Ema’s house as he fits there but we miss him here. Miss the pull ups and the other exercises he allows. Must unfuse him. it will be a massive job though, he’s proper stuck. Stupid bad design. Someone should design a better pole for us, one that actually lets us take it apart would be good. We can dream.




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